Import matlab.engine error

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Tomasz Wyrowinski
Tomasz Wyrowinski on 14 Jul 2017
Answered: Isaac Lenton on 9 Aug 2018
In Matlab script I am trying to create a Python object that holds reference to the Matlab session. To do that I am passing shared engine name to Python object constructor and trying to find matlab instance using matlab.engine library. During library importing Python raises an exception:
>> py.importlib.import_module('task_monitor')
Error using enginesession>__init__ (line 8)
Python Error: EngineError: MATLAB process session cannot be initialized.
Error in __init__><module> (line 80)
_session = EngineSession()
Error in task_monitor><module> (line 1)
import matlab.engine
Error in __init__>import_module (line 37)
Python class definition
import matlab.engine
class TaskMonitor:
def __init__(self, matlabName):
self.matlabEngine = matlab.engine.connect_matlab(matlabName)
except matlab.engine.EngineError as err:
print('Could not connect to Matlab: ' + str(err))
Matlab script creating Python object
function init()
if ~matlab.engine.isEngineShared
sessionName = matlab.engine.engineName;
global monitor;
monitor = py.task_monitor.TaskMonitor(sessionName);
When I try to instantiate TaskMonitor in Python's console everything's fine and the object s being created. Is it somehow different while creating it from within Matlab console?
Looks like importing matlab.engine in Python script that's run from within Matlab is not working well.
Christian Dreher
Christian Dreher on 3 Aug 2017
I have the same issue and would really appreciate any help.

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Answers (1)

Isaac Lenton
Isaac Lenton on 9 Aug 2018
I'm not sure about a safe workaround, but something that seems to work is removing the _session = EngineSession() line and corresponding cleanup line in the matlab.engine init script. Not sure how safe this is, but it seems to work.

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