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How to use set_param() to change entity generator's matlab action?

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Meng-Jen Wang
Meng-Jen Wang on 10 Jul 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
My purpose is to do multiple run on Simevents simulations.
I am trying to use set_param() to change the parameter value in an entity generator.
However, my entity generator is Matlab action based.
It has script in it.
I want to change some parameter in the script by the set_param().
Does anyone know how to do it?
I was also trying to mask it, and use Simulink.MaskParamter to do it, but never success.
Please help if you know how to do it.
Thanks a lot!

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Shashank on 13 Jul 2017
Hi Meng,
The following documentation link contains information on how to change mask parameters programatically
Hope this helps

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