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Keeping several COM Instances alive

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Norbert Thek
Norbert Thek on 10 Jul 2017
Answered: Shashank on 14 Jul 2017
I would like to run a batch of simulation using matlab/simulink. The problem is, for every calculation Matlab/simulink is closed and reopened. This takes an eternity, especially considering the simulation only runs for 10-20sek but startup takes up to 1min!!!!
I'm considering to use Matlab via COM-Server. meaning it stays alive during my runs and its administrated from an extra program which selects the relevant Model/Data and runs a simulation.
Now the questions:
  • Is it possible to have more then one Matlab COM Server running in parallel
  • Is there another way to dramatic reduce startup time (<< 10s!)
  • has somebody else tried something like this
... administrating the simulation from inside Matlab is currently not an option
Thanks for any comments/ideas

Answers (1)

Shashank on 14 Jul 2017
Hi Nobert,
There are much better ways to run batch simulations:
1. Use parallel computing toolbox to make use of all the cores on your machine or a pool
2. If you want to change the parameter values of the same model and do Monte Carlo Simulations,
3. Use Batch job in Simulink Projects
Hope this helps
- Shashank

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