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Error in connector.​ensureServ​iceOn when trying to get Add-Ons

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Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson on 6 Jul 2017
Answered: Shashank on 12 Jul 2017
I am trying to get the hardware support package to use with my raspberry pi 3B. I initially tried it using Matlab R2015b which worked fine apart from it doesn't support the raspi 3B. I then installed Matlab R2017a yet when I click on get hardware support packages it gives me the following error.
Error using connector.internal.doEnsureServiceOn Did not start the server. Last testPort tried: 31915. I/O error: Permission denied
Error in connector.ensureServiceOn
I have tried looking at other answers that include forcing JVM to use IPv4 over IPv6 however this has not worked. Has anyone been able to solve this?

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