Simulink Real-Time Windows Target: cmd ping doesn't work.

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Hi, I'm using Simulink Real Time Explorer to connect (via ethernet) my laptop to another one (Windows target). I followed the instructions setting IPv4 parameters on both the computers and in fact, via WindowsCMD, my laptop was able to ping the target. I created the boot disk and, restarting the target-PC, the kernel was downloaded. After that, I was no more able to ping the target and the slrttest failed. Does anyone know why my pc stop pinging the other one after the download? Was the boot-disk wrongly created? Thank you for your help.
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Xinnini on 18 Jul 2020
I have the same problem with you .Do you have any solutions?

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Answers (1)

Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero on 21 Jul 2020
Please don't forget to check and set up the firewall settings. See the following link for detailed information.

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