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Nasir Qazi
Nasir Qazi on 3 Apr 2012
% In my GUI I am giving value to T e.g 370 as input , but on debug mode when I am trying to check T as input this gives me 1X3 char instead of 1, this causing error in my answer giving three values what can I add to make the input as single char
e.g in my code
T = get(handles.Red_Temp,'string'); where 'Red_Temp' is input string

Accepted Answer

Jan on 3 Apr 2012
370 cannot be represented as single char.
'Red_Temp' cannot be the input string, because this is a field in a struct. handles.Red_Temp is the handle of an edit uicontrol. T is the string. This string has 3 characters if it is '370'. To convert is to a number use sscanf:
D = sscanf(T, '%g');
Nasir Qazi
Nasir Qazi on 3 Apr 2012
where do I add 'D' into my code just after 'T = str2double(get(handles.Red_Temp,'string'));'
Jan on 3 Apr 2012
I do not know your code, therefore I cannot suggest a valid position.
SSCANF is an alternative to STR2DOUBLE, so you do not need both.

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 3 Apr 2012
Are you saying that your GUI requires a double input and not a char input? If so, you can just convert the string to a double, like
T = str2double(get(handles.Red_Temp,'string'))
This will be a 1x1 double matrix.

Otis on 3 Apr 2012
"get(handles.Red_Temp, 'string')" will return a string. If you expect that string to be a number, e.g. '370', then use the function str2double, which will return the actual number that the string represents:
T = str2double(get(handles.Red_Temp,'string'));
Note: If the entered string does not represent an actual number, str2double will return NaN.


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