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Copy assignments in Cody Coursework

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I would like for other instructors in my Cody coursework course to be able to copy assignments and add to their courses. Is it possible to enforce that? Right now it seems that only the course creator can copy assignments to other courses?

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Chaitral Date
Chaitral Date on 19 Jun 2017
Currently this feature is not available. Only the author of the course can copy his assignments and not the instructors.
One workaround is:
1) The author of the course creates a new course. He then copies the assignments to that course.
2) Then give to the MathWorks Technical Support team details of the course and the details of the instructor who they should give ownership of that course.
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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 18 Jul 2017
As Technical Support forwards this to Customer Service internally, starting with Customer Service would reduce some waste.

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