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How to connect a Harvard Apparatus PHD Ultra Pump to MATLAB using USB?

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Tyler Schroeder
Tyler Schroeder on 6 Jun 2017
Commented: Jeremy Scholze on 29 Jan 2019
I am trying to use MATLAB to send commands to a Harvard Apparatus PHD Ultra pump using USB. I was told by the manufacturer that the best way to do this is to use the VISA protocol. I have the NI-VISA support package installed.
Here is the code I have been trying to use to connect to my device:
pump1 = visa('ni','USB::1FE9::1103::D-402110::INSTR');
When I run this code, I receive the error
Invalid RSRCNAME specified. Type 'instrhelp visa' for more information.
I am basing the resource name off of the serial number on my device and information found in the 'properties' section of the USB device in windows.

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Jeremy Scholze
Jeremy Scholze on 29 Jan 2019
Did this ever work? I'm trying to program a PHD ULTRA with MATLAB but I don't even know how to set it up. Is there a link or any directions someone can give me. I can't find anything on Harvard Apparatus's website.

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Sid Jhaveri
Sid Jhaveri on 9 Jun 2017
As the error suggests the resource name given is invalid. I would suggest to try the following steps:
1) Make sure your device is detected in NI-Max.
2) Once it is detected, check the details of the device in NI-Max, there will be a generated resource name for your device. Use that as the resource name.


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