How can I identify the indices of rows containing all NaNs from matrix?

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I have very large matrices, in which some rows contain all NaN. I don't want to remove these rows. But I wish to identify which index contains all NaN. I have seen code for removing such rows, but how can I extract the index value?
I am not very familiar with MATLAB. Thanks in advance.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 31 May 2017
Try this:
M = [rand(3,5); NaN(1,5); rand(4,5); NaN(1,5); rand(2,5)]; % Create Data
NaN_rows = find(all(isnan(M),2)); % Identify ‘NaN’ Rows By Index

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Chandrasekhar on 31 May 2017
% idenfity NaN's in the matrix
k = isnan(a);
% find the indices of NaN's
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Deepa T
Deepa T on 1 Jun 2017
Thank you for your reply. This query helps me to identify every NaN in the dataset, not just the rows with all NaN.

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