Middle click in matlab editor does not work properly.

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I am working on Linux system and middle click on Linux is an easy shortcut to paste the last selected text. In matlab editor, I was able to use this functionality without any problem until last few days. But recently, it has stopped working properly. (update: See answers below for workaround and reasons)
Now, the middle click works fine when I am using it to paste stuff in the same tab (or same file) in editor. But when I change the tab in editor it no longer pastes the correct text. Instead it always pastes "1.0" (without quotes). I don't know what changed which broke this functionality.
Any ideas?
System details: Ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit) Kernel Linux 2.6.38-13-generic Matlab (R2011a)

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CBhushan on 1 Jul 2012
Resetting the matlab profile - i.e. deleting the ~/.matlab solves the problem. In particular removing MATLABDesktop.xml from ~/.matlab/<matlab version>/ solved the problem for me.

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CBhushan on 7 Jul 2012
Edited: CBhushan on 7 Jul 2012
After playing around little bit more, I think I found the exact thing which reproduce the behaviour I mentioned.
I like to save screenspace (as I have small screens on my laptop). Hence, in matlab editor I combined "Editor toolbar" and "Editor cell mode toolbar" by dragging later. Please check the image below.
In the initial state ('Before' in image) middle click works fine. As expected, just selecting a text anywhere copies it and I can paste anywhere by clicking middle click. But after the rearrangement of toolbars ('After' in image), middle click stops working as expected (read the original question for details). Reverting back the toolbar arrangement as in 'Before' in image fixes the issue.
To me it looks like a bug. A minor bug, probably affecting only Linux distributions. Hopefully mathworks will fix it - I will try to send a bug report.


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