matlab 2017a takes 10 minutes+ to initialise

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shoba on 4 May 2017
Answered: milad hasani on 21 Aug 2020
I installed Matlab 2017a recently and ever since it takes many many minutes to finish initialising when I start it up. I'm running matlab on Windows 7 64-bit. What is making initialisation so slow and can I speed it up? Thanks.
1) I have a standalone license,
2) Pointing Matlab to my license file on startup does not improve speed of startup: ( ; also

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Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj on 4 May 2017
I had a similar problem. The reason in my case was because Matlab, due to some unknown reason, was taking too much time to locate my license and validate it. The solution was to put my license file location as the first entry in environmental variable.
You can try the same.

milad hasani
milad hasani on 21 Aug 2020
I suggest that install a last update on your installed matlab version:
For example 2018a:
I tried this and fixed it.


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