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GUI graph marker that moves with a slider

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Hello guys,
I am a complete Matlab novice and need some help. I am trying to create a GUI with push buttons reading an excel file and plotting a graph to the axes. I also need two sliders to control a marker that traces the graph. How can I set the sliders to read from the graph and trace it with a line?
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Jan on 19 Apr 2017
The question is not clear. What does "tracing a graph" mean? What is "read from the graph and trace it with a line"?

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Chaitral Date
Chaitral Date on 24 Apr 2017
Please refer to the sample code given below. It will give you an idea about how you can control the position of the marker using sliders.
txt = uicontrol('Style','text',... 'Position',[400 45 120 20]); L1=line(1,1,'Marker','*'); SL1=uicontrol('Style','slider','Min',1,'Max',4,'Value',3,'Position', [400 20 120 20],... 'Callback',@(obj,~)updatestring(obj,txt,L1));
function updatestring(obj,txt,L1) txt.String=obj.Value; L1.XData=obj.Value; L1.YData=obj.Value; end
I hope this helps.

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