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Standalone Application runs Simulink Model

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Hello guys,
I'm building a GUI which runs a Simulink Model.It works perfectly, until i try to compile it in a standalone application.
I put the gui .m file as main application in the deploy tool, and the simulink model (.slx) in files required. Everything is ok in the compilation, and the GUI works well. But when i want to run my simulation, nothing happens...
How can i do that?
Thanks for your help

Answers (1)

Co Melissant
Co Melissant on 20 Apr 2017
Edited: Co Melissant on 20 Apr 2017
In general the API functions of Simulink do not work with the MATLAB Compiler, see:
Possible approaches are generating an executable or dll from the model and interact with that.
We have used several approaches over time to interact with a model from a stand-alone GUI.
mickael hamelin
mickael hamelin on 20 Apr 2017
I don't really understand what you meanabout rsim target... Can you be more specific?
Tobias Köhler
Tobias Köhler on 5 Jun 2018
The rsim target doesn`t work too. Is it also unsupported for MatLab Compiler?

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