Blink LEDs using arduino!!

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Khaled Al-Faleh
Khaled Al-Faleh on 18 Apr 2017
Answered: Nick on 25 Apr 2017
Hi guys, I want to make like this code using matlab ...
void loop() {
for (int thisPin = 2; thisPin < 8; thisPin++) {
digitalWrite(thisPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(thisPin, LOW);
but the problem is the matlab has this format and you can not change the pins in loop see this
writeDigitalPin(arduino, 'D2', 1);
Here I can only change the pins manually but how I can make like above code in loop which the pin change every time ..

Accepted Answer

Nick on 25 Apr 2017
You can use num2str() and change the number during every loop. I tested using Matlab R2016a with this code and LEDs hooked up an Arduino on pins 3-5.
for i = 3:5
writeDigitalPin(a, ['d' num2str(i)] , 1)
writeDigitalPin(a, ['d' num2str(i)], 0)

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