URL Read Returns Status of 1, but no Data

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Hello All,
I have been using urlread for quite some time now, however it is not working anymore, and I am struggling to find where it is failing. I am gathering end of day information for a number of stocks from Yahoo Finance. The following code is used:
[temp, s] = urlread(http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv?s=ACBFF&a=00&b=01&c=2016&d=03&e=17&f=2017&g=d&ignore=.csv)
After this runs, s returns 1, however temp does not have any data (it has worked for a few weeks up until yesterday).
Does anyone have suggestions, or know of why this error is coming up now?
Thanks for the help,
Carmelo Gonzales
Carmelo Gonzales on 20 Apr 2017
Thanks Octavio for your input! Yes, changing http to https works! Such a simple fix but bugged the hell out of me for a few days!

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Accepted Answer

Lukas Mich
Lukas Mich on 19 Apr 2017
Try using https instead of http

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Carmelo Gonzales
Carmelo Gonzales on 20 Apr 2017
Thanks Lukas - This was the fix!

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