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Combine customized neural network with CNN

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Yicong Xu
Yicong Xu on 17 Apr 2017
Commented: Alexander Tarroni on 15 Sep 2017
As I found we can customized each layers in a CNN, and we can also do customizing our own neural network by "net=network" and set properties of "net". But can those class of CNN layer be used in a general neural network? I want to combine the output of two CNN as two channel of 'image' and do CNN on this new 'image'

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Chaitral Date
Chaitral Date on 24 Apr 2017
Regarding your first question, No, you shouldn't be able to use CNN layer classes in a general neural network. It'll still take on somewhat a similar form to a CNN. There is some flexibility, but a lot of limitations at the same time.
Regarding your second question, The two channels portion is very unclear. What is the output that you are currently getting from the two CNN?
Alexander Tarroni
Alexander Tarroni on 15 Sep 2017
I am also trying to fuse two pre-trained VGG16 models with a single softmax layer at their output, with two inputs taking separate data. It seems you can't make convolutional layers in the custom neural network functions, is there any way to fuse layers from different convnets otherwise?

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