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How to find dc motor parameters

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Nicholas Jacobs
Nicholas Jacobs on 16 Apr 2017
Commented: Nicholas Jacobs on 22 Apr 2017
I found this winch model from the SimScape Driveline library. For what I"m doing, I do not have a breake therefore I removed it from the model.
I want to model this motor, but I'm only offered this information about it.
The DC motor block in the DriveLine example, has parameters like motor inductance,Constant of proportionality K, Inertia, Breakaway friction torque, Breakaway friction velocity, Coulomb friction torque, and Viscous friction coefficient.
Given the information on the pololu website, is there a way to determine the above unknown parameters? Lets say I can't what's the best way to address these parameters?
Lastly what is follower to base teeth ratio? IS this another name for the drive gear to driven gear ratio?
Thanks ahead of time.

Answers (1)

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 19 Apr 2017
I am not positive on how you convert the motor specifications to the needed DC motor parameters in the Driveline example. There might be a set of theoretical equations used in this process, but most likely the values are chosen based on actual data from the motor. This is a video of one example of how to optimize the parameters based on actual data:
Rather than repeating information, I would suggest reading the descriptions of all these parameters in the MATLAB documentation. You can easily open the documentation for each type of block by clicking the Help button in the lower right corner of the Block Parameters dialog box. For example:
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Nicholas Jacobs
Nicholas Jacobs on 22 Apr 2017
thank you for the time it took you to respond, much appreciated.

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