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Animating collision GUI - changing position

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Margaret Norbut
Margaret Norbut on 13 Apr 2017
Answered: Sam McDonald on 19 Apr 2017
Hi! we have a project to create a GUI of our choice and our group is doing a collisions. We are trying to move the two circles plotted based on the velocity inputted by the user. It has been suggested that we create a position vector and update it in a loop based on the velocity but I am just a little confused about how to go about this. Any thoughts??

Answers (1)

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 19 Apr 2017
There are a few techniques for creating animations in MATLAB. Refer to these links for examples:
For your specific case, updating a position vector according to the time that has passed is a good approach. MATLAB has a timer object available for use, or you could simply use the "pause" function to get started. Here are some more useful links:


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