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what is the matlab code for image classification using svm classifier to classify the skin diseases

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i am thulasi studing final btech.i am doing my final proect on image processing domain and my topic is skin disease detection models using image processing.till now i didn't get the matlab code for svm classifier for the plz any one give answer to my question.i hope any one help to my project
Divya Dharshini
Divya Dharshini on 9 Jan 2022
i'm divya ,i too studing final year btec IT. my finial project is skin disease detection using image processing and i don't get any idea of this proect if you get plz give answer to me
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jan 2022
@Divya Dharshini, I suggest you use the "Regression Learner" app on the Apps tab of the tool ribbon. Make a bunch of measurements on your image, as many as you can think of. Then load them into a table called tPredictors. Then make up a ground truth (response) vector called trueResults or something like that. Then start the app, load in the predictor table and the response vector and start a new session. Tell it what model you want and then train it. Then click the Export model button to save the model. Then you can save it to a .mat file and recall it to do predictions on non-training data. If you have trouble, post your measurements and ground truth variables in a .mat file in a new question of your own (not here in @kayala thulasi's 5 year old question).

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Mrutyunjaya Hiremath
Mrutyunjaya Hiremath on 14 Jun 2021

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