creating a cell array for classifying images using the trained stacked autoencoders

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Hi, I am having a folder of 10000 images (64*64 double, .bmp format), say at C:\images. How can I create a cell array of 1*10000 cell (each cell containing a 64*64 double image) and name the cell array as "digitaldata"?

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Renee Bach
Renee Bach on 23 Mar 2017
Since you have so many images, I recommend checking out "ImageDatastore". You input a path to a folder of images and it will not put all the images into memory. If you store each image in a cell array, it will use a lot of memory. Here is a link to the documentation page for "ImageDatastore":
To load the images into a cell array, you can use a for loop and the "imread" function.

Jason Vann
Jason Vann on 21 Feb 2018
ImageDatastore cannot be used as an input to an Autoencoder (as of R2017b), even though it can be used with CNNs. Is there workaround for this issue? I guess one could theoretically put an autoencoder in a loop (saving all of the weights and biases) then continually load a new image matrices.

Radians on 7 Dec 2019
Any updates?

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