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Makey Makey Board and Matlab

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Bart Ellenbroek
Bart Ellenbroek on 16 Mar 2017
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hI, I have recently bought a Makey Makey board, which is supposed to be an Arduino Leonardo clone. I was wondering whether it can be connected to Matlab. I tried using the Arduino package, which works nice with my uno board, but if does not seem to recognize the Makey Makey. Anybody have an idea? Thanks Bart

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Alisha Schor
Alisha Schor on 21 Mar 2017
There is not official support for the Makey Makey board. However, if it is a clone of the Arduino Leonardo, it is possible that this will work. Be sure to specify "Leonardo" as the board, in this case, when you set up the Arduino:
a = arduino('COM1','Leonardo');
if you only call "arduino" without arguments, it defaults to "COM3" and "Uno" as the board.
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Bart Ellenbroek
Bart Ellenbroek on 29 Mar 2017
Thanks, I did try that, but it did not recognize it :(. Guess it is not a pure Leonardo clone.

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