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Simulink Real-Time Library linux

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Alessandro Luppi
Alessandro Luppi on 16 Mar 2017
Commented: Linzhu Yue on 15 Aug 2022
I'm trying to work with a co-simulator that communicates with Simulink using UDP packets. The problem is that in my Matlab installation I can't find the necessary library (Simulink real-time). I read carefully each Matlab components during the installation but on Linux that library isn't present, on windows instead there is.
The missing block is this one here . Is there an alternative for that block available also for linux?

Answers (1)

Alisha Schor
Alisha Schor on 20 Mar 2017
The Byte Packing block should exist on both Linux and Windows installations. It should be located in the Simulink Real-Time > Utilites library. You can access this directly by typing in "xpcutilitieslib" at the command line. If the block exists there, you can simply replace the missing block in your model.
If the block does not exist in your Simulink Library browser, you can try refreshing the toolbox information by entering the command:
>> rehash toolboxcache
If you have Simulink customizations, you may need to also issue the command:
>> sl_refresh_customizations
Arjun Sarin
Arjun Sarin on 25 May 2020
Although this topic is already three years old I would like to bring it up again:
The Simulink Real-Time Package is not available for Linux. So how can I install the "xpcutilitieslib" when the real-time package does not show up in the Matlab Installer? How can I use the Byte Packing block on Simulink Linux without installing Simulink Real-time?
Linzhu Yue
Linzhu Yue on 15 Aug 2022
Yes, It do not work also in 2022 August

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