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How to fix an error when trying to create a geometry for PDE?

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Hi, I'm working with the 2D PDE tool solvepde function and I am to set some concentrical circles. Same separated one from each other, but matlab returns an error stating that:
Error using CoreDissipation2D (line 269)
Invalid geometry detected. Edges overlap or intersect at non-end points.
How am I supposed to solve it?
The circunferences are just defined as follows:
R2=[1;0;0;radius]; % contorn exterior (transferència de temperatura)
% Per a crear les geometries de les altres capes, necessitarem ncapes-1
% circunferències més, per això definrem una matriu per establir les
% circunferències internes.
% nint=ncapes-1;
I1=[1;0;0;radius/ncapes]; % primer contorn interior
I2=[1;0;0;2*radius/ncapes]; % segon contorn interior
I3=[1;0;0;3*radius/ncapes]; % tercer contorn interior
I4=[1;0;0;4*radius/ncapes]; % quart contron interior
I5=[1;0;0;5*radius/ncapes]; % cinquè contron interior
gd2 = [R2,I1,I2,I3,I4,I5];
sf2 = 'R2+I1+I2+I3+I4+I5';
ns2 = char('R2','I1','I2','I3','I4','I5')';
g2 = decsg(gd2,sf2,ns2);

Answers (1)

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 8 Mar 2017
Edited: Sam McDonald on 8 Mar 2017
Use geometry functions to define the geometry as stated in the documentation:
Additional suggestions are found in the following post:

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