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how can i create RMS and frequency detector?

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I am trying to create a model that will detect the RMS and the frequency(f) of a real sinewave signal. In such way that i can ply with the values and create changes in both f and RMS of the signal and show the results in scopes. The input signal i have is the voltage output of PV inverter and it was measured using dSpace.

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Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 7 Mar 2017
The following links may be useful for you:
Documentation page for RMS block in the DSP System Toolbox:
Simulink may be the most suitable platform for what you are looking to do. A previous post on ways for detecting frequency of a signal in Simulink is here:
You will want to visit the dSPACE website for learning how to incorporate your hardware with a Simulink model, if you have not already done so:

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