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TwinCopter modeling // DOF regarding quad frame

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I am modeling a TwinCopter (avatar style) in Simscape. I designed it in Solidworks and then imported it in Simulink, I am now adding its two rotational degrees of freedom as to control them (around Y and Z). Problem: this flyer has its DOF regarding its own reference frame, and not regarding to the world. For example, at any moment a yaw movement is possible around the Y axis which rotates with the whole TwinCopter. Bellow you can see it at rest
And here tilted a little bit, without its reference frame following it (which I would like it to do).
I need to find a way to define a reference frame for the TwinCopter that can rotate regarding to the world frame. The TwinCopter will then have its DOF regarding that last rotating frame. Has anyone any idea? Any help would me much appreciated

Accepted Answer

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 8 Mar 2017
You will need to place a 6-DOF Joint block connecting the World Frame and the body of the TwinCopter. The reference frame on the TwinCopter can then rotate relative to the World Frame.

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Thomas Pujolle
Thomas Pujolle on 8 Mar 2017
All right, in the meantime I also found that solution too. I wanted in first place to limit movements of the TwinRotor but it turned out that constraining it was not the right approach.
Thanks !


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