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How can I adjust the labels on contour lines in a 'meshc' 3D-plot?

Asked by Ibrahim Wasiq on 3 Mar 2017
Latest activity Commented on by David J. Mack on 3 Mar 2017
I have made a 3D-plot using 'meshc'. I want to adjust the placement of the labels on the contour lines.
The handle return by the 'meshc' is
h =
2x1 graphics array:
Hence, I used the following commands to display the labels.
The labels are too crowded. I want to manually adjust their location and the font size.


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1 Answer

Answer by David J. Mack on 3 Mar 2017
 Accepted Answer

Hey Ibrahim,
have a look at Contour Properties - the LabelSpacing property might help. Also you can specify your own contour levels (see the Contour Levels property group) which might be used to control the labels indirectly.
Greetings, David


I want a single label per contour line. The placement of the labels should be such that they do not overlap and clearly represents the line they belong to. I have used 'LabelSpacing' but it doesn't solve the problem.
hContour.LabelSpacing=600; % Default (144)
I have attached the image to make it clear.
Use the clabel function for full control on the lines & labels. With the current plot you cannot achieve your goal. If you want to keep the current lines, a workaround maybe to use a colorbar with color levels matching exactly your contour levels and then label the colorbar accordingly.

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