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Graphing the intensity to ultimately integrate and find the area of circles

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I am curious if there is anyway to graph the pixels in this image. I want to tell when two particles are bonded by determining if their area is within a certain range (I had used "imfindcircles" and it is not as accurate as I need it to be. Therefore, I am trying to graph the pixels and then integrate the graph to determine the area of each particle. Below is the example of the image and what the particles look like. The very tiny dots are the particles I am investigating. The larger ones are simply dust particles.

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Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 6 Mar 2017
If you want to extract data out of the image and plot the intensity on your own, I would suggest using the "improfile" function. Visit the documentation page for that function to get an understanding of how to use it:
Here is another documentation page on the MathWorks website:


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