I am trying to make a s-function in my simulation. it consists of a c program. I have put this c program in matlab folder.But the simulation shows error and says that such a c program does not exist. s function does not allow us to specify the path name

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Leena Santosh
Leena Santosh on 17 Mar 2012
S- function does not allow to specify the path name of the c file which it is supposed to identify during simulation. Where am I supposed to place the c program for the s function to identify.

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 17 Mar 2012
Hmm... if you are writing an S-function by hand, then you should be able to add your other source files when you build it
>> mex file1.c file2.c
Lots more info here:
If you are new to S-functions and you just want to call your C function from a Simulink block, might I suggest you check out the Legacy Code Tool:
Hope this helps!


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