hdlcoder mwdot stopped working

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cy on 15 Dec 2016
Commented: cy on 15 Dec 2016
While running the Simulink HDL Coder (R2016a) on Windows 7, I got an error message from Windows that "mwdot stopped working". I killed the process and HDL coder continued, eventually creating a HDL Code Generation Report Summary.
I replicated the problem by running HDL Coder on the same Simulink model in a RHEL 6 environment. While mwdot did not experience a problem, it ran for over 40 min. After killing the process, code generation appears to have continued normally with a HDL Code Generation Report Summary returned.
What is the purpose of calling mwdot? Is it essential to correct HDL coder output or is it used for other purposes such as documentation? Thanks!

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 15 Dec 2016
mwdot is used to provide a layout of the model that HDL Coder generates to capture any changes from the original model that you have requested. These changes could be due to e.g. HDL Input Pipelining, or any other requested HDL optimizations. If mwdot is killed or otherwise abnormally exits, the readability of the generated model will be affected. It should still be correctly connected, but it may well have all the block sitting on top of each other.

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