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Unable to create a standalone application.

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sangam singh
sangam singh on 6 Dec 2016
Answered: Michael on 11 Jun 2019
Trying to create a standalone application is constantly giving me the error: "Error during packaging. Open log file".
The error report is:
mcc -C -o Main -W WinMain:Main -T link:exe -d 'C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main\for_testing' -v 'C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main.m'
Compiler version: 6.1 (R2015b)
Dependency analysis by REQUIREMENTS.
Begin validation of MEX files: Tue Dec 06 02:13:14 2016
End validation of MEX files: Tue Dec 06 02:13:14 2016
[Warning: Adding path "C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software" to
Compiler path instance.]
Parsing file "C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main.m"
(Referenced from: "Compiler Command Line").
Deleting 0 temporary MEX authorization files.
Generating file "C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main\for_testing\readme.txt".
Adding custom icon C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2015b\toolbox\compiler\Resources\default_icon.ico to C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main\for_testing\Main.exe.
Attempting to embed the CTF archive into the application C:\Users\sagas\Dropbox\Industrial Placement\Software\Main\for_testing\Main.exe.
Finished embedding CTF archive. Deleting the external CTF archive.
Creating the bundle...
Failed to embed installer splash screen C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2015b\toolbox\compiler\Resources\default_splash.png.
Update resource failed: 110
Attempting to embed default installer splash screen, C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2015b\toolbox\compiler\Resources\default_splash.png.
Failed to embed installer splash screen C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2015b\toolbox\compiler\Resources\default_splash.png.
Update resource failed: 110
Failed to create the web based installer.
No installer package created.
I have tried increasing the user processes memory from 2GB to 3GB but it did not help.
NOTE: I am using matlab R2015b 32-bit. My system is a 64-bit system


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Dec 2016
Are you 100% sure the file 'default_splash.png' really exists in that folder?
sangam singh
sangam singh on 7 Jan 2017
@ Walter Roberson - No, I am not running out of space on C.
@Image Analyst - Yes, I am sure that default_splash.png exist in that folder.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jan 2017
Who knows? We can't drive your computer and debug it, but the Mathworks can. Call them on Monday and they will get you working again. You're a year behind in the release so it's worth upgrading and trying it before you call them. You have paid your maintenance agreement, haven't you?

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Sid Jhaveri
Sid Jhaveri on 8 Dec 2016
This is an issue when the machine is running out of memory. It usually occurs with 32-bit MATLAB Compiler, but it can also occur with 64-bit MATLAB, if the machine RAM is 4GB or less, regardless of bitness.
The MCR is relatively big, and when packaging it gets copied and moved around so it uses a bit of RAM. This can be compounded if the icon and splash screen images are large sized pictures, or if there are other large size files being deployed.
Possible workarounds:
1. Increase RAM size if it is less than 4GB.
2. Use smaller size icon and splashscreen image (Since you are using the default splashscreen image, this point might not be valid in your case)
3. Shutdown other processes on the machine and attempt to free up as much memory as possible while packaging.
4. Use the web download option.
This error can also occur in cases where RAM size is more than 4GB, shutting down processes and freeing RAM space can resolve the issue.

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Marcin Marecki
Marcin Marecki on 14 Nov 2017
Lack of memory. The answer above could be true. I had the same problem. I have checked Resource Monitor. Have a look at Memory picks !!! I have 3.6 GHz 8 cores, 16 GB RAM, PC. I have attached Resource Monitor print screen. The problem should never happened.

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Michael on 11 Jun 2019
I had this problem as well with the following error:
Update resource failed: 110
Failed to create the web based installer.
No installer package created.
I had been workin in my Google File Stream directory at the time. I solve the problem by changing the output folders in the 'Settings' menu in the Application Complier. Made all the output files go to my hard drive and not my Google Drive space and it now works perfectly. I just drag the files back to the Google Drive folders after the compiling is complete.
I hope this help.


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