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MATLAB Mobile under BlackBerry Classic OS 10.3.2

Asked by Mark Stone on 28 Nov 2016
Should the Android version of MATLAB Mobile work on a BlackBerry Classic running OS 10.3.2? Are there any issues? Is the (a) MATLAB Mobile version available for BlackBerry without requiring use of Google Play, for instance, direct from BlackBerry World or another source?


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1 Answer

As of now, MATLAB Mobile is only available for Android and Apple iOS.


Blackberry OS10 has a capability to run many, but not all, Android apps. hence my question.
Subsequent to my question, Blackberry OS 10.3.3 has become available, so my question can be updated to address OS 10.3.3.
Running MATLAB Mobile on Blackberry OS is not officially supported.
However, you can try it out by using any MATLAB Mobile apk available in third party websites. Just google it, and you will get n number of links to download the apk.
Note : MATLAB Mobile is not MATLAB running in mobile phone. It is just an interface which connects to the MATLAB running in cloud or host machine.

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