simulink integrator block to VHDL?

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I´m working with chaotic oscillators, in sumulik and i want to paste this to VHDL but when im triying to do this, the program show me an error. I think this error is because the integrator block, because VHDL´s language don´t accept it.
I don´t know totally the program, is that because i´m asking for help :(
i found something that can be useful, is the discrete time Integrator´s block, but i dont know if this works at the same way like the other..
¿may you help me with this? ¿Do you know if there is another way to do this integrator block in VHDL?
Thank a lot!!

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 9 Nov 2016
For HDL code, you need to think in discrete time steps. So, you can use the Discrete-Time Integrator instead of the continuous-time Integrator block.
You will want to use a Fixed Step Discrete solver in Simulink, as well.
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Jorge Gustavo Vazquez Duran
may you tell me how to do this??
I´m new on matlab and i don´t know how to do this.. Thanks a lot!!

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