Error Assertion failed: b:\matlab\​src\cgir_h​dl\pir_tra​nsforms\cg​fcnconvert​er.cpp:752​:sese

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I am trying to convert my code with HDL code generation, but it sends me this error when it tries to generate the HDL code, and that doesn´t let me know what is wrong. I am doing a simple image processing, how can I get more information about what this error means?
_ *Assertion failed: b:\matlab\src\cgir_hdl\pir_transforms\cgfcnconverter.cpp:752:sese
Use help codegen for more information on using this command.
Error in Manager>wfa_generateCode at 535*_

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 2 Nov 2016
You have encountered a potential bug. Please report this to MathWorks via normal service channels.


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