replace zeros according to distribution of integers in each column

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if I have some matrix x of randomly distributed values (value 0 to n = 5 or 10 in this case)
x = [binornd( 5, 0.05, 10000, 1 ), binornd( 10, 0.1, 10000, 1 )];
I want to create a second matrix where any zeros in x are replaced at random by a value from 1 to n according to the distribution when zero is excluded in that particular column. I want to do this by random sampling from the values in each column excluding zero.
Any ideas how to do this quickly (in reality the matrices are considerably bigger than this example...)

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Guillaume on 22 Oct 2016
Edited: Guillaume on 22 Oct 2016
If I understand correctly, you want to replace all zeros in a column by random non-zero values from the same column? In which case:
replacementcount = sum(x == 0);
for column = 1:size(x, 2)
validvalues = nonzeros(x(:, column));
x(x(:, column) == 0, column) = validvalues(randperm(numel(validvalues), replacementcount(column)));

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Andriy Kavetsky
Andriy Kavetsky on 22 Oct 2016
You can try this n=10; or n=5; and x(x==0)=randi(n)

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