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Get value from function to be used in another program part 2

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I have this function
function [x y] = centroid(X)
X = X/sum(X(:));
centro = [dot(I(:),X(:)), dot(J(:),X(:))];
when I try to use this function call in another program to use the centro values, I get an error , "Output argument "x" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "centroid"."
How can I use the data out from this function?
Here is my use case in another program:
A = centroid(X);

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2016
MATLAB is case sensitive. You assign to X but your output argument is x (lower-case)
monkey_matlab on 19 Oct 2016
Hello Walter, THANKS for your input! If just type
In my other program, I get the x,y values to show up in the command window. However, if I try to use the commands like that given above in another program:
A = centroid(X);
I get the error and cannot access the x,y values.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2016
You never assign to x or y . You assign to X (a different variable), and to I, J, m, n and centro . Any variable that appears on the left side if the "=" of your "function" line must usually be assigned to.

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Mauricio Bassallo
Mauricio Bassallo on 3 May 2021
I have a model created in Simulink (also with Simscape elements) and I want that some some outputs (ports) of the model be sent to another program, which is going to return inputs to the model (control the model) based on the outputs that was sent by the model.
Does anyone have some idea about how to create an interface between Simulink model and a program in order to generate such dynamic?
Thnaks in advance for your reply!


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