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How to Specify Symbolic Variable Using Symbolic Toolbox

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I have just downloaded the Symbolic Toolbox.
I am trying to specify the variable
as a symbolic variable.
Omega(3,3) = (zeros) % Initialization
sym(theta_1) % Symbology Variable
% Omega Population
Omega(1,1) = 1
Omega(2,2) = cos(theta_1)
Omega(2,3) = sin(theta_1)
Omega(3,2) = -sin(theta_1)
Omega(3,3) = cos(theta_1)
In the command window I get a return that
"Undefined function or variable 'theta_1'.
How do I define theta_1 as a symbolical variable.

Accepted Answer

Andriy Kavetsky
Andriy Kavetsky on 16 Oct 2016
You should specify the variable theta_1 using next command
>> syms theta_1

More Answers (1)

Jay on 16 Oct 2016
I found one issue so far. I have downloaded the trial version and installed it but don't know how to activate it.
Jay on 16 Oct 2016
It would seem so, I will write another question and return back to this if I still I have an issue.
If not I will flag as solved.

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