What is a Nakagami channel ?

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CorneCap on 11 Oct 2016
Answered: Jamal Ahmad on 11 Oct 2016
Hi everyone, as i am not an expert in telecom, i need some clarifications please. 1: is there a difference between considering a Nakagami channel with X noise (example AWGN) and a channel with a Nakagami Noise? 2: is there a closed form for a Nakagami -m Noise that can be used in some variables calculation,like system capacity? Thank you in Advance

Accepted Answer

Jamal Ahmad
Jamal Ahmad on 11 Oct 2016
Nakagami-m fading channel is a more generalised fading channel representation. Channels and noise are two different matters. Noise always exists in a communication system. However, fading channel distribution can be considered based on the position of the nodes and the existence of line-of-sight component in the propagation signal. I suggest you read this:

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