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hi, i'm using Matlab Coder to create a static c library. i have a function, L1 which has one input. (output = L1(input)) L1 is an array that can be (2:n,1). that is, the input can be from a 2x1 array to an nx1 array. How do i enter this into the compiler, as it asks for a specific size of the input? any help would be appreciated. thanks db

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 28 Feb 2012
Hi Dan,
if you use the MATLAB Coder tool for compiling, you specify the size of input either e.g. as :10 x 1 (if n always smaller or equal to 10) or :inf x 1 to have the number of rows "unlimited".

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dan berkowitz
dan berkowitz on 28 Feb 2012
thank you. appreciate your help! db


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