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Good morning everyone, i need a Matlab code on Envelope Analysis to determine the defect frequency of Faulty bearing having up to 256000 one column data in text format. I will appreciate any form of assistant/contribution on this. Regards,

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sunil kalyankar
sunil kalyankar on 20 Mar 2018
hi every one , i need a matlab cod on envelope anlysis to determine the defect frequency of faulty bearing having vibration data in time domain in text format format please assist me . thanks & warm regards

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Luuk van Oosten
Luuk van Oosten on 13 Sep 2016
Maybe have a look here, could be a good place to start. Or over here


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Sep 2016
Did you try spectrogram() or pwelch()?
Luuk van Oosten
Luuk van Oosten on 15 Sep 2016
All right, I had a look at your code and the data and read a few articles about what you are trying to accomplish (man, there is a lot of literature out there!)... and found that there is a guy who wrote an extensive piece of code & examples on his blog.
'Cause if I understand correctly you want to find the envelope of your signal and from that you want to extract the frequency. And than this frequency tells you something about the defect in your bearing?

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