Build-in function and HDL Coder Application

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Dear All, My name Phan Thanh Tan from Vietnam. Now I have do my Master Thesis about Image Processing Field using FPGA. I am used to coding in Matlab (.m file). I do not have many experiences with FPGA. Therefore, I try to convert a Matlab Code to AHDL by HDL Coder (an Matlab application). But my code cannot convert with “accumarray” function.
Regularly, when I want to discover an actual algorithm of a Matlab function. I will seek a respective “.m file” of that function in installed Matlab Software folder. Therefore, with “accumarray” function. I try to see that function’s algorithm in “accumarray.m” , but it have no algorithm in this. As I think, accumarray is a built-in function of Matlab. So, I will not been seen its algorithm. And that is also a reason how I cannot convert it via HDL Coder. My questions are: 1. Is it real that a build-in function, as “accumarray” will not be run with HDL Coder? 2. If above question is right, how can I convert a build-in function to AHDL language? Thank you for your support!

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 12 Aug 2016
It doesn't matter whether a function is built-in or not; it matters whether HDL Coder supports a given function. The list of supported functions in in the HDL Coder documentation:

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