Removing a block and making connections

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Lets say I have a simple subsystem that is just an inport, an outport and a gain block. I want to get rid of the gain block and just have the inport connected to the outport. If i use replace_block I can only replace the gain with another block and if I use delete_block it will remove the gain but leave two disconnected lines. How can I remove this block and make the connection between the remaining two using code?

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 20 Feb 2012
I've run into this before. My solution was to find port handles and reconnect. I'm not sure if there is an easier way.
Here's a function that should do the trick:
function removeAndReconnectBlock(blockHandle)
%Get port handles and parent system
portHandles = get_param(blockHandle,'PortHandles');
sys = get_param(blockHandle,'Parent');
%Get source port
srcSignal = get_param(portHandles.Inport,'Line');
srcPort = get_param(srcSignal,'SrcPortHandle');
%Get destination port
destSignal = get_param(portHandles.Outport,'Line');
destPort = get_param(destSignal,'DstPortHandle');
Note that this only works for single input, single output blocks, but I'm sure you could see how you would extend it further.

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chandu on 8 Dec 2014
May I know how to disconnect SimPowerSystems blocks using PortHandles? Please help me ASAP.....
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Marco Baratelli
Marco Baratelli on 22 Jan 2016
The following works for me using SimScape! Hope it helps.
sbh = getSimulinkBlockHandle([sys '/NameOfYourSpecificBlock']);
ph = get_param(sbh,'PortHandles');
srcSignal = get_param(ph.RConn,'Line'); % or LConn for left connection of the block

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