Why can I not import an excel file into MATLAB without error?

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I have an excel file with only two columns filled and 21 rows. Simply, one column is filled with x-values and the second column are y-values. Whenever I try to import that file (saved as .xlsx and I even tried saving it as .xls) into MATLAB, all I get is the error message "Could not open the spreadsheet. MATLAB reported the following error: Error: The server threw an exception."
I just want to import these values into MATLAB...it's such a small file. I could type the values in but the fact is I shouldn't have to.
Rodney Sinkler
Rodney Sinkler on 19 Mar 2017
I'm experiencing the same difficulty and the suggested post only addresses writing to xls. Just to be sure, I checked to see if I had any bluetooth add ins in excel and I don't. I even tried running MATLAB as an admin and the import wizard still reports "the server threw an exception" Please help!

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Samuel Katongole
Samuel Katongole on 5 Jul 2021
Try testing your files with the following trial codes:
I had a similar challenge; and checked the file identifier (fid). A positive one indicates your file will open, and if it is -1, then it will not open. If your obtain the latter, try putting your excel file in your current (or working) directory. And agin use the import tool.


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