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"Page Not Found" when attempting to use MATLAB Parallel Cloud

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Dear all,
When I attempt to perform the one-time login so that I can configure my license with MATLAB Parallel Cloud, I get a pop-up window with Page Not Found. That is, I go to Parallel > default clusters > MATLAB Parallel Cloud, and that's when I get the "Page Not Found" window. When I close that window I then get the following error: "Failed to create the cluster due to missing login information. You must log in to use a cloud cluster." When I run "Test Cloud Connection" all items say they pass. Does anyone have an idea of how I can log in and use the MATLAB Parallel Cloud?
Thanks very much, Katie

Accepted Answer

Elwin Chan
Elwin Chan on 3 Jun 2016
Hi Katie,
You can download a patch for this problem here:
Once you have installed the patch, you should be able to log in and use MATLAB Parallel Cloud. If you do have have the correct license, you'll have the option to obtain the correct license for MATLAB Parallel Cloud.
Thanks, Elwin

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