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What is this PPC compiler error in dSPACE?

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Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil on 26 May 2016
Commented: JCS on 17 Feb 2020
======================================================================================== Configuring dSPACE® Software for MATLAB® (R2010b) Service Pack 2 ...
RTI Real-Time Interface to Simulink (RTI1104) 6.6 29-Nov-2010 okay RTIFPGA RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 2.0 29-Nov-2010 okay MLIB/MTRACE MATLAB-dSPACE Interface Libraries 4.7.1 29-Nov-2010 okay DSSIMULINK ControlDesk to Simulink Interface 3.7 29-Nov-2010 okay ========================================================================================
* RTI Platform Support RTI1104 activated. * You have RTI relevant MATLAB Toolboxes or Simulink Blocksets installed. Details: Toolboxes Compatibility Information
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting build procedure with RTI 6.6 (RTI1104, 29-Nov-2010) Model: "untitled" (D:\untitled.mdl) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Using configuration set : "Configuration" * Working directory : "D:\" * Initializing code generation ### Starting Real-Time Workshop build procedure for model: untitled ### Generating code into build directory: D:\untitled_rti1104 Warning: The model 'untitled' does not have continuous states, hence Simulink is using the solver 'FixedStepDiscrete' instead of solver 'ode5'. You can disable this diagnostic by explicitly specifying a discrete solver in the solver tab of the Configuration Parameters dialog, or by setting the 'Automatic solver parameter selection' diagnostic to 'none' in the Diagnostics tab of the Configuration Parameters dialog * Optional User System Description File untitled_usr.sdf not available ### Invoking Target Language Compiler on untitled.rtw ### Using System Target File: d:\dSPACE7.0\matlab\rti1104\tlc\rti1104.tlc . ### Loading TLC function libraries .... ### Initial pass through model to cache user defined code .. * Postprocessing RTI blocks * Starting I/O block checking
* RTI Build: Invoking TLCCheck: + rti1104check()... passed. * Passed I/O block checking ### Caching model source code ............................ ### Writing header file untitled.h ### Writing header file untitled_types.h ### Writing source file untitled.c . ### Writing header file rtwtypes.h ### Writing header file untitled_private.h ### Writing header file rtmodel.h . ### Writing source file untitled_data.c ### Writing header file rt_nonfinite.h ### Writing source file rt_nonfinite.c . ### Writing header file rtGetInf.h ### Writing source file rtGetInf.c ### Writing header file rtGetNaN.h . ### Writing source file rtGetNaN.c ### TLC code generation complete. ### Generating TLC interface API. ... * Generating file untitled_rti.c * Generating file * Generating Variable Description File untitled.trc
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: The following option in the Configuration Parameters dialog has been used:
"Conditional input branch execution" On
This leads to code optimization in which blocks are not computed if their
outputs are not required in the simulation step, for example, if their
output values are used as input for a Switch block and the Switch
currently routes another signal. When the corresponding output signals
are displayed in ControlDesk, their values are static.
To ensure that the blocks are computed, turn off the
"Conditional input branch execution" option and rebuild the model.
*** Found User-Code File untitled_usr.c from 26-May-2016 15:11:00
*** Found User Makefile from 26-May-2016 15:11:00
*** Optional User Variable Description File untitled_usr.trc not available
### Processing Template Makefile: d:\dSPACE7.0\matlab\rti1104\m\rti1104.tmf
### which is generated from d:\dSPACE7.0\matlab\rti1104\m\rti1104.tmf is up to date
BUILDING APPLICATION "untitled" (Single Timer Task Mode)
ERROR: Cannot find PPC compiler. Possible reasons are: - Compiler not installed. - Environment variable PPC_ROOT not defined. - Environment variable PPC_ROOT points to wrong directory.

Answers (2)

Dariusz Kania
Dariusz Kania on 9 May 2019
I have the same problem with PPC in matlab. Does anybody know what is the reason and how to fix it? Thank you.
Kumar Tripurari
Kumar Tripurari on 24 Aug 2019
PPC is required for compiling from Matlab code into DSPACE code. In Windows OS it is located in c:\programdata\dspace\....
ex. C:\ProgramData\dSPACE\E6B644B2-4CC2-4582-A2C6-DC770F1098E0\Compiler
If this is not present then:
a) launch "dspace installation manager".
b) Under installtions tab select encrypted parts.
c) At the bottom click "Decrypt all".
d) Wait till "completed decryption".
e) After this, dspace will install some files. Check status in the right side of the Windows task bar". (here just hove mouse over the help icon of dspace, it will show status as some 100+ files being installed).
f) After e) is over the PPC folder will appear in the above location. Now re-launch Matlab to check if it is fixed.
Jian Gao
Jian Gao on 19 Sep 2019
the step 2, I can not find encrypted parts

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Chris Grigas
Chris Grigas on 27 May 2016
Hello Mr. Fasil,
I work for the Product Support team at dSPACE Inc and I would be happy to help you with your issue. The error message that you are getting indicates that it is not able to find the PPC compiler in order to compile the code for your DS1104.
There are several possible reasons for this issue. If you could please contact me at I will be happy to walk you through the steps to resolve your issue.
Best regards,
Chris Grigas dSPACE Inc Product Support
Abdallah Darkawi
Abdallah Darkawi on 9 Jan 2017
Edited: Abdallah Darkawi on 9 Jan 2017
is this problem due to matlab compiler like minGW ???
JCS on 17 Feb 2020
No @Abdallah, it is related with the PPC which is a proprietary compiler.

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