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What does ">IC" symbol mean that appears on a Simulink signal line ?

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In more recent releases, a ">IC symbol appears on some Simulink signal lines. Have not yet been able to find a description in the documentation.
Anyone know what does this mean ?

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Gautam on 23 May 2016
Hi Scott,
The symbol 'IC' means that outport is getting its initial conditions from the block connected to it when the 'Source of Initial Output Value' of outport block is set to 'Input Signal' or if it is set to 'Dialog' with empty matrix '[]'.
Refer the following example for more information regarding this:
This is the effect of the 'Underspecified Initialization Detection' option being set to 'Simplified' in the Configuration Parameters. (Refer the following link for more information regarding this:
Hope this helps!
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oshri rozenheck
oshri rozenheck on 14 Feb 2019
Hi. The second link directs me to The page you were looking for does not exist. Use the search box or browse topics below to find the page you were looking for. what is the alternative? Thanks!

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