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Inner and Outer radii of cylinder if Area and Iz are known

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Hello all,
I have several pipe sections of which I know the:
1. Moment of Inertia Iz = pi*(d_out^4-d_in^4)/64
2. Area A = pi*(d_out^2-d_in^2)/4
Can anybody think of a way to find the d_out and d_in ?

Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 13 May 2016
This works:
% MAPPING: d(1) = d_out, d(2) = d_in
pipe = @(d,Iz,A) [pi*(d(1)^4-d(2)^4)/64 - Iz; pi*(d(1)^2-d(2)^2)/4 - A];
Iz = 100; % Create Data
A = 25; % Create Data
D = fsolve(@(d) pipe(d,Iz,A), [1; 1]);
You need the Optimization Toolbox to use the fsolve function.


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