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Matrix problem with script

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donnie on 28 Apr 2016
Answered: Kevin on 29 Apr 2016
Create a Matlab Script that will take the a Matrix A and Matrix B (of AX=B), then calculate the Determinant of Matrix A, Inverse of matrix A , Solution vector X, Rank of Matrix of A, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors of A. You should use det, inverse, inverse(A)*B, rank, and eig functions of Matlab.
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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 28 Apr 2016
You really should make a good start on your problem before presenting it to this forum.

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Answers (1)

Kevin on 29 Apr 2016
Actually this is why I would pay $2000 for MATLAB. Let see how easy it is in MATAB.
function s = swissarmyknife(A,B)
s = struct;
s.detA = det(A);
s.invA = inv(A); % Assume A is square and invertible.
s.x = A\B;
[s.V, s.D] = eig(A);


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