translating from python to matlab

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Masky on 27 Apr 2016
Answered: Kevin on 29 Apr 2016
I'm having some difficulties translate this script in python to matlab. Could someone help me and give me a proposition?
endfrom matplotlib.pylab import *
N = 1000
r = linspace(0,10,N)
v = zeros(N)
v[0] = 0
a = 4
dr = r[1] - r[0]
c = 1
def cr(r):
if r <= a:
return c
return 0
def vanalytic(r):
if r <= a:
return 0.5*c*r
return 0.5*(c*a**2)/r
cr = vectorize(cr)
vanalytic = vectorize(vanalytic)
for i in range(1,N):
v[i] = ((r[i]*cr(r[i]) + r[i-1]*cr(r[i]))/2.)*(dr/r[i]) + (r[i-1]*v[i-1])/r[i]
xlabel('r distance')
ylabel('v distance per seconds')
title('Oppgave c): R=10, c=1, a=4, N=1000')
% code

Answers (1)

Kevin on 29 Apr 2016
I am not sure if this helps. But starting in R2016a (or maybe even in R2015b), you can call python function from MATLAB. So you don't need to re-code.

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