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How to give gate pulses to MOSFET and IGBT in simscape Matlab 2013a?

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I need solar panel to be connected with converter and inverter. As solar panel is constructed in simscape and converter and inverter are made using sim powersystems i tried connecting them together using ps-s converters but due to some problem am unable to connect them.So i arrived at connecting the whole in simscape. But am not knowing how to give gate pulses for MOSFET(used in converter) and IGBTs(used in single-phase inverter). The whole thing is single phase and am using 2013a MATLAB.Please suggest me giving gate signals to MOSFET and IGBTs.

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Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil on 28 Apr 2016
Dear Mounica Thangellapally, Its difficult to tell without seeing the model. Please provide the model or screenshot or mail me

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