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Problem with plotting on log scale - disappearing line on plot...

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Hi all,
So I'm working on plotting data for x-y comparisons, along with outliers that have been removed, and a custom-generated trend line, and with the data color coded by sample concentration. This works in the below code:
f2 = figure('visible','on');
hold on
scatter(xout, yout, 25, fcolor,'filled');
hold on
hold on
hold on
title('Insitu v. Flask Mixing Ratio, Logarithmic');
legend('Flask vs Insitu (ppbv)', 'Outliers', 'Orthogonal Regression Line');
xlabel('Flask (ppbv)')
ylabel('Insitu (ppbv)')
hold off
But, it fails when I un-comment line that's setting the scales as logarithmic. The data still plots, and does show the bias I'm looking for, but the regression line disappears. I've tried just about every ordered variation of hold on, off, etc and changed the order things are plotted in etc...I'm stuck.
Any suggestions for tinkering, or is this a legitimate issue with the code and or something I'm missing?
Thanks, Brendan

Accepted Answer

Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 20 Apr 2016
I'm guessing that xplot and yplot are 2 element vectors where one of the values is 0. In that case, one of the 2 points on the line transforms to NaN when the log is calculated, so no line is drawn.
If this is the case, probably the simplest would be to add more vertices to the line using something like this:
t = linspace(0,1,100);
xplot = xplot(1) + t*(xplot(end) - xplot(1));
yplot = yplot(1) + t*(yplot(end) - yplot(1));
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Brendan Blanchard
Brendan Blanchard on 20 Apr 2016
Thanks Mike! This was the issue and I was able to re-assign xplot and yplot to just barely positive numbers by catching this before plotting.

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